Surrender, relinquish control and succumb to the all-consuming urge to please Me.

What to expect from a session with Me

I have a varied set of skills and can cater to a wide range of kinks, fetishes and specialisms. 


Apart from My hard limits, almost anything is open to negotiation, and the session will be somewhat tailored to your personal interests, with activities varying in intensity based on your experience or limits.


I have a particular fascination with secret fantasies, obscure fetishes and pushing the boundaries of sexuality, so I am always open to unusual requests. 


With that said, you will be expected to prioritise My pleasure and needs at all times, and will be required to meet exceptionally high standards of politeness and respect. 


​Although I do accept one-off bookings, My ultimate goal with every sub is to develop a long-term, meaningful dynamic, so My preference is always for regular sessions. This not only gives us a chance to understand each other better, but creates space for evolution, growth and increased intimacy. Training My subs over long periods of time brings Me great satisfaction.


My interests include, but are not limited to…

Age play

Anal play (toys, stretching, fisting)

Ball busting





Chastity/Key holding

Corporal punishment (cane, crop, flogger, paddle, whip, slapping)

Cuckolding (£300 p/h)



Double Domme



Financial Domination


Foot/boot/shoe worship

Forced Bi

Forced Intox

Hardsports (£400)


Impact Play



Needle play

Objectification (human toilet/furniture/ashtray)

Orgasm control (forced/denial)


Pet play

Ruby Showers 

Roleplaying (taboo, medical, bully etc.)

Sensory deprivation

Sissy training

Smoking fetish


Spit play

Toilet training




Penetrative sex

Race play


NOTE: Intimate body worship (including facesitting) is reserved exclusively for regular clients and is always at My discretion.


  Human Toilet  

If I had it My way, I would only ever use human toilets. Whether you’re a champagne drinker or a fully functioning toilet, it’s a privilege to be used by Me, and you’ll be expected to make sure nothing goes to waste. Newbies looking for toilet training are always welcome.

Serve _ Faves _ Toilet 1.jpeg
Serve _ Faves _ Bondage.jpeg


From cuffs and gags to full body mummification, bondage is an integral part of My play. Once bound and restricted, you will be totally at My mercy - a vulnerable object for Me to use however I please.


  Double Domme  

The magic that happens when two powerful women join forces is incomparable. For those who want to experience this first hand, I offer double sessions with London's queen of watersports and FemDom powerhouse, Miss Gold. We are a dangerous duo - charming, mischievous, unapologetically mean and filthy to the core. The opportunity to be used by us both is not to be missed…

Serve _ Faves _ Double.jpeg
Serve _ Faves _ Pegging.jpeg


Dreaming about being bent over and fucked by a beautiful woman? Give yourself to Me and I’ll have you whimpering and begging for more in no time. I always welcome well-used holes, but also have a soft spot for virgins, who need training or breaking in gently.



Want to be used, abused and treated like a filthy animal? I will dehumanise and debase you in all manner of perverted ways - spitting, slapping, making you to lick My dirty shoes, using you as My ashtray, force feeding you disgusting concoctions… there’s nothing you won’t do for Me.


  Tribute Rates  

The honour of serving Me comes at a price, but it’s worth every penny…

In-person dungeon session:

1 hour - £260

1.5 hours - £390

2 hours - £520

3 hours - £780

4 hours - £1040

All sessions (except hardsports sessions) take place in a fully-equipped dungeon space.

Only regular clients may request incalls.

** A 50% deposit is required to secure all bookings **

This is payable by bank transfer or CashApp and is non-negotiable 

Other Services

Social date

£150 per hour plus all food, drinks, tickets and/or travel paid by you


£2500 plus all food, drinks, travel and accommodation paid by you

Video call

£70 for 30 mins

£130 for 60 mins

Ready to submit?